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National Recycling Week

November 13th, 2014 · No Comments

November 10-16 is National Recycling Week and November 15 is America Recycles Day! Did you know, when an average aluminum can is recycled, it can go from the supermarket shelf to scrap and back to the shelf in only 42 days?  Did you know, if each copier in the U.S. made 5 fewer copies every day, we could save up to 1.4 million trees per year?!  It’s amazing how one small act of recycling can make a giant impact on the environment.

Here, at Reichel Foods, our goal is to become more and more sustainable each year.  You can help us and do your part at home!  Reuse our trays to bring a portion controlled lunch to the office or use them as a container for convenient snacks as our grab-and-go busy lifestyles continue.  All you need to do is wash out (hand wash– do not put in dishwasher) and dry our trays, fill them with your favorite snacks and seal them with press-and-seal.  It’s that easy! You can reuse them again and again to help make a positive impact on the environment and maintain healthy snacking habits.  Happy America Recycles Day!




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