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June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month—Make Your Meal Plan and Snack Options Easier With Healthy Snacks From Dippin’ Stix

June 4th, 2018 · No Comments

Farmer’s markets, food stands, apple trees, and gardens are all a sign of summer. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month and there’s no better way to celebrate healthy living and get that feel-good sensation than packing your diet with fresh fruits and vegetables. Dippin’ Stix can help you achieve your suggested daily serving of fruits and vegetables with our fresh, crisp apples, tasty baby carrots with dips, and other healthy snacks!


Whether you picked up fresh fruits and vegetables from the local farmer’s market, a food stand, the grocery store, or grew them yourself, your recipes, meals, and healthy snacks can be filled with nutrients and flavor that will leave you craving more.


Top 5 reasons to eat fresh fruits and vegetables:


  1. We all need nutrients, vitamins, and minerals in our daily diet and including fruits and vegetables is an easy way to incorporate these to help you feel better and eat healthy.
  2. Low in calories. If you happen to ever feel guilty when snacking on chips, candy, and processed foods, there’s a quick and easy solution. Cut out these foods and switch to fruits and vegetables that are low in calories that will leave you feeling guilt-free and energized.
  3. High in fiber. Not only are fruits and vegetables low in calories, they’re filled with fiber to help your digestive system, and they give you the feeling of being full making you less likely to overeat or snack.
  4. Reduce the risk of disease. We all know that fatty and processed foods aren’t good for your arteries and heart. That’s why eating a diet rich in fruits and vegetables can help lower the risk of diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, high blood pressure, and some cancers.
  5. Convenient and fun. Fruits and vegetables add color and texture to your plate and they’re convenient and fun. If you have young children, fruits and vegetables can be cut into fun animal shapes and also served with low-fat dips.


If you’re looking to eat healthier, add color and texture to your plate, add nutrients and fiber to your diet, and stay on track with your weight and weight loss plan, remember that June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable month. At Dippin’ Stix, we understand the difficulties of always eating healthy, packing nutrients into our daily diet, and trying to reduce the risk of heart disease. That’s why we have fresh, healthy snacks available to all ages and sizes. Options such as crisp baby carrots with premium ranch dip or apples with peanut butter, caramel, or yogurt are all  convenient, fun, healthy snacks. They will help you stay on track, give you the nutrients and fiber you need, and leave you feeling fulfilled and healthy. Visit a retailer near you for Dippin’ Stix products. June is National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month—make your grocery shopping, meal planning, and healthy snacks easier with fruits and vegetables from Dippin’ Stix.

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